Welcome to the Silkjade Lightforge. This website has been created to provide
information on indies in action on the front lines of game development. It is my
hope that from my experience across 7 years of independent game
development I can give something back to the community. Also it is for me to
develop what I consider the most important skill "design and management". Also
I make some cool art a well :). This website was created in 1 day on the 6/06/07.  

Click on the Silkjade 2007 link to
see our company Strategy.
I recommend heading over to this blog and reading some of the
excellent posts made. This is from a real indie and the posts
inspired my game development strategy for this year.

Released 14-6-07

The puzzle pack is a design
template package for a vanilla
puzzle game or small casual action

* Contains a design template
* Contains place holder art
* Contains folder layout

All it will need is code and a lot of
bling bling!